Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Food in 2015

So I decided to back up my phone and discovered that I had taken a LOT of photographs of food in 2015 so thought I would share a few in my first blog post of the year. 

My favourite food of the year had to be at Manchester House to celebrate my birthday in May. The food, service and theatre was the best I have ever experienced and we plan to go back for my birthday again this year.

My second favourite was Seven Park Place in London

The passionfruit souffle was to die for (apparently only 10% of customers manage to finish it - yep I was one of the 10%!)

Seven Park Place Lychee martinis and mojitos made it up there with the best cocktails we've ever tried

Just before Christmas we decided to get the train to Manchester to have a wander around the Christmas markets and ended up in Piccolinos where we enjoyed several cocktails (porn star martini being my new favourite!) and possibly the best pizza I've ever had

Although I'm on a constant diet; life is too short not to enjoy cake so 2015 also included lots of visits to tea rooms (see my post on The Cake 'Ole in Skipton here)

I'd heard amazing reviews about The Midland Hotel in Manchester so we treated ourselves to afternoon tea and although everything was lovely, I just wasn't blown away.

They did however serve the nicest mini meringues I've ever tried

My lovely friend Klair (Love Umbrellas) introduced me to a little tea shop in Rawtenstall, Lancashire called A Right Royal Tea Party in the Summer and it was nicest afternoon tea I've ever had.

Did you discover anywhere new to eat or a new favourite cocktail in 2015?

Ruthie x