Thursday, 24 September 2015

Family Friendly Fish Mid Week Meal - With The Orchard at Tesco

We do love food in our house but rarely eat fish, albeit knowing it's benefits so when I was invited to take part in the Orchard at Tesco programme and participate in cooking with fresh fish I was excited to see whether I could introduce more fish dishes into our families mid-week menu.

The vouchers arrived quickly and I did a bit of research to find a recipe that I hoped everyone would like (something not too fishy was my intention!)

I found quite a lot of salmon with broccoli and pasta recipes so decided to adapt one slightly and attempt what sounded to be an easy enough recipe to follow.

Tesco shopping list - 
Linguine £0.59
Tenderstem broccoli £1.70
Single cream 300ml £0.80
Salmon fillets £3.00* 

Other ingredients
150ml dry white wine or stock (I ALWAYS have wine in so used a glass of sauvignon blanc)
25g of butter
4 spring onions (optional)
Salt & pepper 
Chopped dill to garnish (optional)

Method (I loosely followed a recipe I found online and adapted slightly)

The recipe didn't say how much of the wine I was to consume myself whilst preparing dinner?

Season salmon and cook gently in the white wine (took approx 10 mins)
Cook linguine according to instructions on packet
Transfer salmon to a plate and break into large flake with a fork
Add butter, spring onions and broccoli to the reduced wine and saute for about 5 mins
Take off heat and add single cream
Add linguine and salmon to sauce, mix well and serve

Results - it was a winner in our house and everyone has asked for it again (always a good sign) so I will be introducing it into our mid-week meals menu

It was so yummy we forgot to take a photograph before we all devoured it! 

What are your favourite family friendly fish meals?

Ruth x

*vouchers from The Orchard at Tesco programme covered the cost of the fish only

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