Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Easter Egg Challenge

When Jane from MumsClub asked if we would like to take part in an Easter Egg taste challenge it wasn't a difficult decision to make!

We are ALL huge fans of chocolate and Easter Eggs so were looking forward to getting stuck in.

Eggs being tested –
·         Thornton’s      
·         Bojangles
·         Aldi (Dairy Fine)
·         Tesco 
·         Skandikitchen
·         Sainsburys

·         Ruth (36)
·         Tony (45)
·         Jacob (17)
·         Olivia (16)


We all marked the packaging of the eggs out of 5.

Results - Average marks out of 5 for packaging

·         Thornton’s                   4/5
·         Bojangles                    4.5/5
·         Aldi (Dairy Fine)            2/5
·         Tesco                        2/5
·         Skadikitchen                 3/5
·         Sainsburys                   2.5/5

We were all familiar with the Thornton’s branding and were drawn to this one however both adults preferred the packaging of the Bojangles egg. Tony and myself both felt the Bojangles packaging would be more attractive to adults rather than children, it looked classy and expensive. We all agreed that we wouldn’t be drawn to the Aldi (Dairy Fine) egg as it lacked inspiration and felt the packaging was bland and boring, whereas the others used brighter colours. None of us were particularly draw to the Sainsburys one either, Jacob and Olivia described the packaging as boring and both said they would be disappointed to receive the Sainsburys or Aldi eggs. We all liked the look of the Skandikitchen egg, me and Olivia both said it was cute and would be drawn to it in a shop.

Taste Test

We now moved on to the best part of the task – the taste test!

I broke all the eggs up and placed them in bowls and numbered them so no one knew which was which egg.
We then rated the eggs on flavour and texture, ranking them from our favourite to least favourite, giving reasons why.

I asked each member of the team to guess which brand they thought each egg was (easier said than done it would seem!)

Bojangles was a favourite for both Tony and myself; we both enjoyed the texture of the egg and both said it tasted of quality chocolate. We were really impressed with the truffles that came with the Bojangles egg; they were possibly the best truffles we’ve ever tasted (and we’ve eaten a lot of chocolate)
None of us liked the Tesco’s eggs, and even the teens said the chocolate tasted ‘cheap’.
We were all fooled by the Sainsburys egg and all 4 of us were convinced that it was the Thornton’s egg!
The Sainsburys egg was really creamy, had a thicker consistency and was eaten a lot quicker than the rest with none left over!
Everyone marked the Aldi and Thorntons egg with the same mark and said we couldn’t tell the difference in taste between the two; which I personally found surprising as I expected the Thornton’s egg to taste a lot more expensive.
We all had a few of the sweets out of the SkandiKitchen egg but were a little disappointed; they looked similar to Haribo which we are all fans of, however they all tasted the same – of liquorice, which maybe because all the sweets were in the same little plastic bag.

Marks out of 5 for taste as follows

·         Thornton’s                   2/5
·         Bojangles                    4/5
·         Aldi (Dairy Fine)            2/5
·         Tesco                        1/5
·         Skadikitchen                 3/5
·         Sainsburys                   5/5

So the overall winner in terms of taste was Sainsburys despite the lack of appeal of the packaging. This really surprised us all as we were not expecting much of this one!

Although Thorntons did not meet our taste expectations to me Thorntons is about so much more than just chocolate! It's the packaging and personalisation that appeals to me.

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Do you have a favourite Easter Egg?

Ruthie x

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